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Why Shop with FairWinds Sarongs

We provide very high quality sarongs and related products at the best possible prices for our customers.

FairWinds Sarongs brings years of experience from the world of international fashion. When you shop with FairWinds Sarongs, you are able to take advantage of knowledge and experience gained from having worked with leading fashion designers and manufacturers from around the world. We carefully select the items in our product lines so that you have a rich choice of stylish fashion items. In addition, we continually research the fashion market so that we can bring you the latest in fashion trends. Our inventory is replenished on a regular basis.

When shopping with FairWinds Sarongs, you can take advantage of the following features and benefits:

  • a vast selection of sarongs and unique designs
  • a sarong and clothing selection with a rich variety of colors and styles
  • sarongs that are specially hand-crafted and dyed
  • superior workmanship of skilled Indonesian artisans
  • an emphasis on quality
  • a focus on the needs of the customer
  • other related products specially chosen to complement your ensemble

The following customer comments attest to the emphasis which we place on quality and on our customers' satisfaction:

  • "Was very pleased with the items purchased! I was especially happy that I received notification that my item shipped the same day it was purchased, especially during the holidays."
  • "I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how happy I am to have found your company. I was pleased with every aspect of the shopping experience, including the way the items were packaged when I received them, and I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that."
  • "Great prices and selection. Fast delivery. Super soft. Can't wait to wear them!"
  • "Nice products...I bought 4 sarongs, all beautiful. Quick shipping."
  • "Very nice selection of sarongs. I purchased a beautiful hibiscus print. Delivery was timely. Just made a second purchase for 3 more sarongs."

To demonstrate our confidence in the quality of our products, we offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee of the product's purchase price if you return the product in saleable condition.1

How do we achieve this level of quality? We utilize industry best practices, lessons learned, customer feedback and an emphasis on quality that incorporate the following elements:

  1. Careful screening and selection of the Indonesian craftsmen and artisans that we work with.

  2. An emphasis on ensuring quality – this includes:

    a. The quality and weight of the cloth that is used
    b. The quality of the dyes used in the process
    c. The correct design, cutting, sewing and embroidery

  3. A formal quality control process – that is comprehensive and thorough, and which covers every step of the process – from product design and fabrication to final delivery of the product to our customers. This formal quality control process consists of the following elements:

    a. Verification and validation that the proper materials were used – we ensure that the cloth used by the artisans is correct in terms of both quality and weight; we also verify that the correct shades of colors were used for the design specified, and that the colors do not run.
    b. Verification and validation that all aspects of the fabrication process were performed correctly – this covers the following: the garment’s dimensions, the quality of fabric, the weight of the fabric, the cutting of the fabric, proper centering of the designs and patterns the sewing,,the embroidery, the sequins, the beading, and the fringes.
    c. Proper packaging for international shipment
    d. Final inspection when the goods arrive at our warehouse in the United States
    e. Tracking and analyzing customer returns – To date, we have had a very low percentage of customer returns. However, all returns are analyzed as to the reason for the return and the type of product returned (e.g., sarong, dress, skirt, etc.).

  4. Monitoring fashion industry trends – To keep our finger on the pulse of the market, we monitor the latest fashion industry trends in order to provide our customers with the latest styles and products. We want to make sure that you can “strut your stuff” in the latest fashion style.

  5. Customer feedback – We listen to our customers, since they determine our success. Feedback and suggestions from our customers are integral components in developing our business plans.

  6. Regular review of our product pricing – We regularly review our pricing structure so that we can remain competitive in the marketplace, and provide you with the best possible products at the best possible prices.

  7. Effective customer service – Our customer service staff is trained and cross-trained in different aspects of our business so that they are familiar with all products and can properly serve our customers in their purchasing decisions.

  8. Implementing a continuous process improvement loop – We are constantly seeking to improve the quality of our service to our customers. We accomplish this through the following:

    a. We monitor and track performance at every step of the process.
    b. We analyze results, and identify any problems and areas for improvements.
    c. We then develop the necessary corrective actions and changes to improve our service.


Foot Note 1: You can read our return policy on the Shipping & Returns page.

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