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Sarong Tying Devices

With so many ways they can be worn, sometimes you may find yourself stuck wondering how to tie a sarong. Here are some of the most popular ways to tie and wear your sarong.

Skirt – You can wear it as a skirt by wrapping or tying a sarong around your body.

Tied Skirt - To wear the sarong as a tied skirt, wrap it around your hips, making sure to pull the ends evenly. You can either tie the ends of the sarong around your hips, or secure the ends with a sarong tying device—known as a sarong tie.

Wrap Skirt - To wear the sarong as a wrapped skirt, simply wrap it around your hips like you would a towel and fold the end of the sarong in like you would with a towel.

Halter – The easiest way to tie a sarong worn as a halter dress is to place the sarong around your body, cross the two ends over your chest, and then fasten the ends of the sarong behind your neck by tying them or using a sarong tie.

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