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Below, we provide you with a list of Frequently Asked Questions to assist you during your shopping experience with FairWinds Sarongs.
  1. Which products do you sell?
    FairWinds Sarongs sells the following items:
      • Sarongs of different and attractive styles, including:
      • • Floral Sarongs

        • Solid Color Sarongs

        • Smoked Sarongs

        • Hand-Painted / Embroidered Sarongs

        • Tie Dye Sarongs

        • High-End Pertama Sarongs

        • Celtic Sarongs

        • Half / Short / Mini Sarongs

        • Plus Size Sarongs

        • Cotton Sarongs

        • Lightweight Kedua Sarongs

        • Silk Sarongs

        • Women’s Longdresses

        • Women’s Beach Coverups / Tunics

        • Scarves

        • Women’s Aloha Pareo / Sarong Sets

        • Men’s Shirts

  2. Do you have a brick-and-mortar store?
    No, we only sell online. We find that this reduces the cost to you the consumer, and also increases efficiency by expediting the shipping process. However, we do have a customer service staff to answer any questions you have when you call our toll-free number: 1-866-200-2208 between the hours of 9 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time, Monday - Friday.

  3. Where are your sarongs from?
    Our sarongs are made in Indonesia. They are hand-made by skilled and experienced Indonesian artisans who take advantage of centuries of knowledge and tried and proven methods to produce quality sarongs for the benefit of you, the consumer. As a result, you have the choice of a vast selection of beautiful sarongs, with numerous styles, colors and patterns to fit the occasion.

  4. Which fabrics are used in the sarongs that you sell?
    The majority of the sarongs that we sell are made of lightweight top quality sarong rayon fabric, and have a thread count of 70/42 or 68/38 per inch. In addition, there are high-end Pertama sarongs with a thread count of 80/60 per inch, indicated with a “PT” in the product code – an example would be FWS-S-PT-SMK-PINK. We also provide silk sarongs. While silk sarongs are more expensive, they have the following advantages: they are light in weight, drape well to flatter your figure, breathable, and are durable and travel well. In addition, while we provide cotton sarongs, this type of sarong doesn’t really drape very well, and also tends to be more expensive; but it does have the advantage of being durable. When it comes to breathe-ability, it has been found that rayon appears to breathe and drape better. There is also a limited number of polyester sarongs.

  5. What is the sheerness of the sarong’s fabric?
    The sheerness of the sarong’s fabric is primarily dependent on three things: 1) The sarong’s thread count (the thickness of the fabric); 2) The sarong’s color – the darker the color, the less the sheerness; for example, black and dark blue sarongs are less sheer than a white sarong; 3) The brightness of the surrounding light. Therefore, a white or light yellow lightweight sarong will have a higher degree of sheerness and see-through than a dark-colored sarong. If you are wearing an orange bikini under a white heavyweight sarong you will still be able to see the orange bikini, but less so than if you were wearing a lightweight sarong.

  6. What are the sizes of your sarongs?
    On average, regular size modern full sarongs are rectangular and measure approximately 66 inches x 44 inches (168 cm x 112 cm), and approximately 66 inches x 22 inches (168 cm x 56 cm) for half sarongs – without the fringe. Plus size sarongs measure approximately 96 inches x 44 inches (244 cm x 112 cm). Please note that the size of a sarong may vary slightly due to the hand-made nature of the sarong.

  7. How can I determine which size of sarong I need?
    Since sarongs are basically a panel of cloth, you can start by measuring your waist size to determine the size of sarong that is appropriate for you. In terms of covering your legs from the waist downwards, our regular sarongs are approximately 44 inches (168 cm) from top to the bottom (please see above for other sizes). Therefore, just do the math when it comes to determining what length is right for you. Please also note that there are numerous ways of tying and wearing a sarong in comfort and style – from head wrap to dress to beach wrap, to name only a few.

  8. How do I tie a sarong?
    Tying a sarong is very easy! And, there are numerous ways of tying and wearing your sarong – head wrap, shawl, long dress, beach wrap, etc. We provide instructions and guidance on 21 ways of tying and wearing a sarong on our How to Tie a Sarong page. In addition, this page contains a video on the 21 different ways of tying a sarong that we have identified. Furthermore, we offer Sarong Tying Devices to make the tying process more convenient for you.

  9. How can I wear a sarong, and for which occasions?
    Sarongs are not only very attractive and stylish, they are extremely versatile. This makes them a great addition to your wardrobe. Not only can you wear them in multiple ways (we have identified 21 different ways - please see our How to Tie a Sarong page), but their beauty makes them appropriate for many different occasions – the work place, a gala dinner, dancing with friends, at the beach, or relaxing at home, and make a convenient and comfortable travel garment. Sarongs are becoming increasingly popular because of their beauty and versatility. You’ll find that sarongs are a real head-turner and extend your wardrobe dramatically, without spending a penny. Can you picture yourself in a gorgeous sarong at a posh cocktail reception or strolling the beach hand-in-hand with your significant other?

  10. How should I care for my sarong?
    We provide guidance on taking care of your sarong on our Caring for Your Sarong page. Here, you will find guidance for the following fabrics: rayon, silk and cotton. However, since equipment and settings can vary, we are not able to and do not guarantee the results. Therefore, you should follow the methods that we provide with care and only at your own discretion. In addition, you should always check and follow any instructions on product care and cleaning that come with a clothing item.

  11. When are orders shipped?
    We usually ship orders the same business day if they are sent by 12:00 P.M. (Noon) Pacific Time via USPS and UPS. Normal delivery time can vary from 3 to 10 business days to arrive at your location. On average, delivery time is approximately 5 business days. We offer different methods of shipping, including expedited shipping, when you place your order. For more details, you can go to our Shipping & Returns page.  

  12. What is your returns policy?
    In order to return an item and receive a refund, we must be notified of a return within thirty (30) business days of your receiving the item(s) in question. Furthermore, merchandise must be returned in re-sellable condition. Also, there are no refunds for any shipping charges on returned or exchanged items. All items to be returned should be mailed to the following address:

    FairWinds Sarongs
    11801 Cardinal Circle, Suite M
    Garden Grove, CA 92843