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Caring For Your Sarong

When purchasing a sarong, customers often are not sure about how to care for their sarongs. Below, we provide some methods, according to the type of material, that have been found by some to be effective. However, since equipment and settings can vary, we cannot and do not guarantee results, and you should therefore use the methods below with care and only at your own discretion. You should also always check and follow any instructions on product care and cleaning that come with a clothing item.

Rayon Sarongs

  1. One way that is highly recommended is to hand-wash rayon sarongs in order to preserve the colors.

  2. Another way that has been found to be effective is the following eight-step process:

    a. Unfold your sarong and shake it out a little.
    b. Load your sarong into your washing machine (you can do more than one sarong at a time).
    c. Set your washer to cold water rinse – with medium water level – there is no need for detergent.
    d. When the washer has finished, take the sarongs and shake out a little and separate them.
    e. Load the sarongs into the dryer with a fabric softener – delicate setting – for 30 minutes.
    f. After 30 minutes, clean the lint filter and then run the dryer for another 10 minutes.
    g. Take the sarongs out of the dryer, and spread them out on a bed or flat surface.
    h. Then run your hands over the sarongs to get any wrinkles out.

    Important Notes:
    Make sure to take your sarongs out of the dryer right away so that they don't wrinkle.
    If you do decide to iron your sarongs, make sure that you set your iron on a very low setting.

Silk Sarongs

  1. Hand-wash your silk sarong in cold water. Any stains or marks should be rubbed with a sponge or a brush. Note on Silk in General: It is important to avoid soaking silk if it has a flame resistant-finish.

  2. Hang your sarong to dry – away from the sun and direct heat.

  3. Iron your sarong with a warm iron on the back side.

Please note the following regarding silk garments:

  • Badly stained garments should be dry-cleaned. One should not attempt to remove stains with a stain remover at home. Tell the dry-cleaner what caused the stains. It is also important that you select your dry-cleaner carefully, and make sure that the dry-cleaner can clean silk properly.
  • While silk is extremely strong, repeated exposure to the sun will erode the fiber.

Cotton Sarongs

Cotton sarongs can generally be cleaned by following instructions for cleaning cotton clothing. However, you should always check to see if there are special instructions that come with your clothing item(s).